Implementing and Maintaining Regulatory Compliance is Mandatory

Regulatory compliance subsumes all of the nation’s critical infrastructures and commercial business sectors, including healthcare, higher education, defense industrial base, financial services, oil, energy, etc. Many companies are facing the pressure of meeting multiple regulatory compliance requirements. Navigating through the field of regulatory compliance can require resources that companies do not have available to achieve regulatory compliance, let alone understanding the multitude of privacy laws, security laws, federal and state regulations, and industry standards. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Understanding the various requirements, and how they relate to each other, to meet compliance can ease a company’s journey in achieving and maintaining full compliance.

Our Process

Walking you through your compliance requirements, especially meeting multiple regulatory mandates, is our specialty. Compliance is a large undertaking that takes in-depth analysis, strategic planning, implementation, and continuous monitoring. Following our three-pillar approach, SecureStrux will guide you to compliance. This will include:


Discovery and Gap Analysis


Technical and Non-technical Remediation


Continuous compliance monitoring to ensure compliance is still being met


Compliance & Inspection Package

Our package starts with a gap analysis, either remote or on-site, based on the targeted compliance standards. We assess multiple compliance requirements to determine where the commonalities and differences lie to garner efficiencies where possible. Using the gap analysis, we strategize and prioritize your roadmap to compliance through remediating any findings, reducing your risk and improving your cybersecurity posture.

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The Benefits of Compliance

SecureStrux has the in-house expertise, knowledge, and hands-on experience with assisting companies achieving compliance and determining organizational risk across multiple regulatory requirements and laws.  Specifically, SecureStrux can assist with meeting compliance for CMMC, CCRI, FISMA with expertise in DoD RMF, and DFARS CUI regulations. In addition, we offer niche compliance service packages translating SIPRNet connection requirements.

Mitigate Multiple Risks

Provides an opportunity to mitigate risks and reduce the impact to business objectives in the likelihood of a data breach or loss.

Avoid Costly Penalties

Helps to avoid significant disciplinary action or financial penalties due to lack of due diligence and due care.

Protect Company Brand

Reduces likelihood of tarnished company brand or loss of customers or contracts.

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