PowerStrux™ Suite of Tools

PowerStrux™ is a suite of continuous monitoring tools for vital data protection. It covers Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Active Directory, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, offering tailored solutions for monitoring Active Directory infrastructure health and user activities on standalone systems. Whether you need standalone auditing for Windows or Linux or a comprehensive AD audit solution, PowerStrux™ provides trusted and efficient tools.

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I just wanted to say thanks for all of the tools you guys put out there for us to use. I loaded up PowerStrux™ on a few of our systems and it is really going to help with some of our auditing tasks.


I just want to say thank you for being a great partner and asset to the Defense Industrial Base. You are helping out so many Cleared Defense Contractors with your technical and security expertise. Providing the Standalone System Auditor is a true gift from the heavens and I just want to say thank you once again.

Director Security Operations

The Benefits of our PowerStrux™ Tools

PowerStrux™’s continuous monitoring suite offers essential advantages for organizations.

Enhanced Visibility

Comprehensive insights into system activity for early threat detection and reduced attack surface.

Simplified Reporting

Clear, understandable reports for effective communication of system activity.

User-Friendly Execution

Easy point-and-click audits for technical and non-technical users.

Time and Effort Savings

Significantly reduce the time and effort required for system auditing, freeing up valuable resources.

Automated Auditing

Support audit reduction and automated report generation, ensuring consistency in assessments and simplifying complex data analysis.

Simplify continuous monitoring
with PowerStrux™

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