Streamline SIPRNet Integration & Compliance

SIPRNet implementation is complex. The Defense Information System Network (DISN) Connection Process Guide (DCPG) does not establish policy—it is only a guide for ensuring policies, procedures, and guidelines are followed when connecting to a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored enclave or network to the DISN.


True SIPRNet Experts

Our DISA-trained Team Leads and Reviewers bring invaluable CCRI experience, enhancing our ability to engineer SIPRNet solutions that meet DoD requirements from the start, reducing costs of rework, and facilitating SIPRNet ATO and ATC.

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Our Process

Designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining SIPRNet connectivity calls for an expert understanding of security and compliance regulations across multiple frameworks and agencies.

Onsite Discovery Assessment

  • Conduct a physical walkthrough of proposed space
  • Review any existing hardware, software, and/or documentation against DoD and DISA compliance requirements
  • Develop a network, space, and rack diagram
  • Draft equipment list
  • Develop a Project Plan

Mission Partner Connection Approval & Circuit Order

  • Provide assistance with establishing an account on the Mission Partner Connection (MPC) Approval Portal
  • Provide assistance with submitting the MPC Connection Package which includes documentation for: Mission Partner DISN Connection Validation Letter, Mission Partner Connection PowerPoint, DD-254 DCSA Form 147, Conceptual Network Diagram

Configuration & Risk Management Framework (RMF)

  • SecureStrux installs and configures system assets to communicate with internal SIPRNet components and all required software functions as intended.
  • Installation and configuration activities including Networks, Workstations, and servers
  • Coordinate with client, CSSP, and sponsor to install CSSP appliance which will perform external IDS, ESS, and ACAS vulnerability scanning services; installation verification will occur in the final phase of project once access is achieved
  • Perform SCAP/STIG review on all assets listed in assumptions.
  • Complete all documentation required for an accreditation package submission through eMASS and trains all crucial staff for the DoD ATO onsite assessment visit.

Finalize Configuration, Connectivity & Service Testing

  • Finalize configuration on network devices
  • Configure TACLANE and connect to the service provider
  • Configure servers and workstations to authenticate using SIPRNet PKI TokensConfigure Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) PKI authentication on network devices
  • Configure WSUS to synchronize with DISA WSUS server
  • Install CSSP appliance and connect to the network
  • Create the ESS system tree and install and configure required endpoint products on all applicable servers and workstations to ensure OPORD 16-0080 is fully implemented and compliant
  • Configure ACAS scan policies and repository and verified credentialed access to meet full compliance of TASKORD 20-0020 Validation of ESS and ACAS connectivity with CSSP between the CSSP Scanning Appliance residing inside the SIPRNet enclave and CSSP


  • Provide project hand-off training
  • Review overall SIPRNet enclave
  • Review Endpoint Security (ESS) and ACAS tools
  • Review DCSA ATO accreditation process
  • Review DISA ATC accreditation process

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