In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, efficiently auditing isolated systems presents a significant problem for the defense industry. The skills gap, coupled with the increasing threat of malicious insiders, demands a solution that bridges the gap between comprehensive auditing and ease of use. This whitepaper introduces the PowerStrux Windows Auditor (PowerStruxWA), a tool designed to parse audit logs for isolated systems, addressing the challenge faced by organizations in their quest for efficient and effective system

The Challenge

The skills gap in cybersecurity amplifies the difficulty in efficiently and effectively auditing systems for potential threats. Malicious insiders, armed with access to sensitive data, exploit ineffective system auditing to carry out unauthorized activities unnoticed. Enterprise solutions, while robust, often prove to be overkill for isolated information systems and networks. Furthermore, the personnel responsible for auditing lack the skills required to navigate the complexities of these solutions. Microsoft’s built-in Event Viewer for Windows, while
comprehensive, is cumbersome, noisy, and impractical for efficient auditing.

The Solution: The PowerStrux Windows Auditor

PowerStruxWA emerges as a powerful solution, leveraging PowerShell, Microsoft’s built-in programming language. Designed specifically for isolated information systems and networks, PowerStruxWA facilitates a point-and-click methodology for auditing system activity. It parses and reports on events of interest, enhancing visibility and reducing the time and effort required for system auditing.

Key Features

PowerShell Integration

PowerStruxWA takes advantage of the capabilities of PowerShell, ensuring seamless integration with Windows environments. Utilizing a scripting language inherent in Windows systems, PowerStruxWA reduces the need for extra software, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Tailored for Isolated Systems and Networks

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by isolated systems and networks, PowerStruxWA provides a streamlined solution. It avoids the complexities associated with enterprise solutions, making it accessible and effective for organizations without extensive IT resources.

Event Parsing and Reporting

PowerStruxWA focuses on parsing and reporting events of interest, allowing users to quickly identify and respond to potential security threats. By filtering out noise and presenting relevant information, the tool enhances the overall effectiveness of system auditing.

Increased Visibility

The tool enhances visibility into system activities, ensuring that administrators can identify anomalous behavior promptly. PowerStruxWA facilitates a proactive approach to security by providing insight into critical events.

Audit Reduction and Report Generation

PowerStruxWA supports audit reduction, allowing users to focus on critical events without being overwhelmed by excessive data. The tool streamlines the report generation process, enabling users to communicate audit findings effectively.

Repeatable Auditing Process

PowerStruxWA facilitates a repeatable auditing process, ensuring consistency in security practices. Organizations can establish standardized procedures for auditing, reducing the risk of oversight and enhancing overall security posture.

Simple Report Output

The tool produces a simple yet comprehensive report output, enabling easy interpretation of audit findings. This simplicity is crucial for organizations with limited cybersecurity expertise, empowering them to make informed decisions based on clear and concise information.

Point-and-Click Execution

PowerStruxWA enables point-and-click execution, eliminating the need for complex commands or extensive training. This feature ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can leverage the tool for efficient system auditing.


The PowerStrux Windows Auditor (PowerStruxWA) emerges as a vital tool in the realm of isolated system auditing. By addressing the challenges posed by the skills gap, insider threats, and the limitations of existing solutions, PowerStruxWA empowers organizations to conduct efficient, repeatable, and simplified system audits. As a result, users can enhance their visibility into system activities, reduce auditing time and effort, and strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture. PowerStruxWA is the bridge between the ecessity of comprehensive auditing and the practicality demanded by isolated information systems and networks.


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Justin Sylvester

Justin Sylvester

CISO & Engineering Practice Lead

As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Lead Cybersecurity Engineer, Justin Sylvester provides cybersecurity assessment and engineering services that help SecureStrux and its clients identify, prioritize, and mitigate critical cybersecurity risks. Justin’s main areas of focus include vulnerability management, cloud security, secure system configuration, risk management, Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI) assessment and remediation, and the development of innovative security-relevant automation.