Vulnerability Management Engineering


SecureStrux™ takes pride in making data monitoring, data protection, and scanning a manageable task.

Our team will help you identify, prioritize, and remediate potential vulnerabilities to meet your organization’s risk tolerance

Our organization offers a host of different scan engineering options to best support your organization.

Infrastructure Vulnerability Testing

Test the attack surface of your security and IT infrastructure. Support compliant networks, software, hardware, training, and physical safeguards.

Focus on application security and vulnerability. Protect against cross-site attacks or other SaaS vulnerabilities as well as compliance violations due to poorly written code or scripting interoperability.

Application Vulnerability Testing

Penetration Testing

Understand your weak points and potential remediation journey with SecureStrux™ white hat penetration testing and assessment services.

Business Continuity Testing

Understand how your business infrastructure responds to challenging situations and crises. Create and implement a plan to maintain a resilient business operation that continues with proper cybersecurity and compliance requirements.


Protect against ransomware with managed anti-malware, testing and data backup services. Never get caught without data backups or with vulnerable systems when handling critical customer or DoD agency data.


The Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) automates network discovery and vulnerability scanning capabilities, to include configuration (compliance) assessments. The solution is comprised of the main suite of tools required by the DoD and includes (formally SecurityCenter) and Nessus offerings.

Ease the stress of your compliance assessments (CCRI/SAV). By choosing the right partner, you will be able to demonstrate proper network protection and governance to maintain contracts and grow your operations. 


Effective security teams require a quick and accurate method to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within their system infrastructure. The Tenable line of products provides the means to accomplish this task by facilitating the scans, identification, prioritization, and remediation guidance for known vulnerabilities and can help organizations reduce risk exposure.


The Endpoint Security Solution (formally Host-Based Security System) is a data monitoring and analytics capability that provides administrators and select teams access to real-time asset status and reports, plus centralized configuration and management tools that enable your organization to react quickly.

The Endpoint Security suite of products is designed to actively protect your network assets from theft, manipulation, or loss from internal or external threats. The centrally-managed server allows staff to deploy, update, configure, and manage the suite of products remotely and discreetly across your network.


Conducting vulnerability assessments to identify security weaknesses within networks, systems, and applications is an essential aspect of managing cyber hygiene. Vulnerabilities emerge from various sources and are often the result of unpatched software, system misconfiguration, and/or implementation errors in access controls. Failing to fill these security holes could result in the compromise of your data, which could be devastating to your organization. At SecureStrux™, our team understands the ins and outs of vulnerability assessments. SecureStrux™ will help your organization secure networks, protect against vulnerabilities, and prepare for and pass compliance inspections.

Vulnerability Management Engineering

To discuss your specific vulnerability scanning and security testing management needs, please connect with our sales team.

Compliance scanning is a practice of assessing compliance controls and configurations in place and comparing them against any relevant frameworks where compliance would be needed.

In cybersecurity, vulnerability scanning (also known as “vulnerability testing”) tests for security weaknesses in a system, such as an application, network, or other infrastructure. For example, it can identify security holes that, if not quickly and properly patched, leave your company vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Our team of vulnerability scanning experts will help you identify, prioritize, and remediate potential vulnerabilities to meet your organization’s risk tolerance.

Non-credentialed scanning asseses your compliance and security configuration as it appears from the outside, as in through network access. Credentialed scans are performed using administrator accounts that provide a deeper picture of your system compliance.

 SecureStrux™ has vulnerability scanning and management experts ready to help handle testing, scanning, auditing, and consulting for your IT infrastructure.

OpenSCAP is an auditing tool that uses Extensible Configuration Checklist Description Format (XCCDF) to create security checklists for auditors.