Identity Access Management (IAM)


Identity Controls and Management for Security and Compliance

Authentication and access are critical parts of any compliance and cybersecurity strategy. Trust SecureStrux™ to implement effective technologies like multi-factor authentication, access controls, and streamlined policy management into your security solution to enable flexible access to data without compromising security.

SecureStrux: Your Comprehensive Identity Access Management Partner

A key aspect of any security or compliance strategy is controlling access to critical data. In a modern world of cloud platforms, mobile devices, and remote workers, this aspect is even more vital. When you work with the federal IAM experts at SecureStrux™, you work with decades of industry experience building and managing IT infrastructures that protect data and maintain compliance with some of the most rigorous frameworks today.

Systems & Network Engineering Services


Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides additional authentication safeguards for your user authentication processes to protect access to important accounts and resources. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a type of MFA, but there can be more than two requirements for accessing a system. Leverage advanced MFA for cloud computing and mobile platforms and maintain compliance across all systems.


Restrict access to critical or confidential data to only the users that need to see it and minimize cross exposure to other unauthorized users. SecureStrux™ offers managed IAM services for Microsoft Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM) and AWS Identity and Access Management to minimize data exposure across your organization.

Connect with SecureStrux for Compliant Network Control

Compliance isn’t just about filling out a form or delivering a report. It is about maintaining the highest quality of security to protect critical industrial or government data from compromise. With SecureStrux™, you’re getting expert cybersecurity management and mitigation across attack surfaces, alongside preventative analytics and risk management.

Restrict access to critical or confidential data to only the users/accounts that need to see it and minimize cross exposure to other unauthorized users. SecureStrux™ offers managed services for Privileged Identity Management (PIM) across Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms to minimize data exposure across your organization.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory and AWS Directory Services

Make the lives of your system administrators simpler and more productive with managed Azure Active Directory and AWS Directory Services. Includes direct IAM consulting and management for configurations, group policies, authentication across domains, file access and management, collaboration privileges, and more.

Federated Identity Management (FIM) Services

Maximize security and compliance across data and applications in different parts of your cloud configuration with effective resource federation. Includes the ability to dictate authentication and access for shared resources within a cloud environment or between cloud and on-premise environments.

Anti-Malware Management

Depend on comprehensive malware protection including endpoint security measures, scheduled updates, and managed anti-malware compliance.

Duo Security and Multi-Factor Authentication

Further strengthen access and security to meet rigorous compliance demands with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication, built into your SecureStrux™ security infrastructure.


Ensure protected system access with third-party remote access management to support secure remote work environments. Control access to any computer in your system, monitor and log user access to workstations or servers, and manage access for mobile devices.


Support compliance and security across your entire system with streamlined security policy management. We work with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to deny access to non-compliant devices and control access to critical network or computing sources based on deep criteria like device type, user type, or other information.

Identity Access Management (IAM) is the processes and technologies used to manage access to a system through practices like user access, identity verification, and defining user roles for differing levels of access.

SecureStrux’s™ business IAM services go beyond the basics of managing user identities, passwords, and access rights. As an identity and access management consulting company, SecureStrux™ provides:

»  IAM services utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA)

»  Least privileged access management

»  Controls for remote and network access

»  Compliance auditing and consulting, including:

»  IAM assessment

»  IAM implementation

The differences between IAM, Privileged Identity Management (PIM), and Privileged Access Management (PAM) are in the details of how they work:

»  Identity and Access Management (IAM) allows administrators to limit or allow access to resources through privileges for users.

»  Privileged Identity Management (PIM) monitors users with high-level access to resources for purposes of compliance, reporting, and control.

»  Privileged Access Management (PAM) allows administrators to provide security controls and monitor privileged access to a system.

SecureStrux‘s™ IAM professionals work with:

»  Small and mid-size businesses who are making inroads into the Defense Industrial Base Network (DIBNet) and who need to better-understand and implement compliance and security standards (like CMMC and RMF).

»  We also work with some of the largest enterprise businesses in the country, with multiple verticals in the DIBNet space.

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