Our team at SecureStru™x has a long history of supporting both small and large organizations.

We have worked with Federal and DoD agencies, organizations large and small throughout the Defense Industrial Base (DIBNet, such as defense contractors), and Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs).

We understand the requirements to get and maintain enclave connectivity and compliance for both CCRI and RMF, while ensuring security. Our engineers are DISA-trained reviewers incorporating this additional knowledge level into all our activities. This unique blend of knowledge enables us to engineer solutions that meet various DoD requirements from day one, reduce the costs of having additional technical reviews following enclave completion, and ensuring you receive your ATO (Authority to Operate).

Enclaves, Systems & Networks

Our Enclave, Systems & Network Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Our team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are among the best in the industry. They know the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), which also apply, implement the checks, and implement and prioritize the settings based on risk and Return on Investment (ROI).  

SecureStrux™ is known for having technical expertise and, most importantly, our commitment and demonstrated success in delivering solutions that strengthen our client organizations’ security posture.  

Our SMEs have developed and taught numerous DISA-approved courses on OS hardening, database security, web security, McAfee ePO and HBSS endpoint security, application security, vulnerability management, and network security. Our personnel are cross-trained in multiple technologies to bring efficiencies to the project and guide client staff on configuring, securing, and sustaining their environment to meet the RMF or CMMC cyber frameworks.

DoD-Managed Enclaves We Architect and Engineer

Department of Defense Managed

SIPRNet (Compliance Framework DoD RMF)

  • SIPRNet stands for Secret Internet Protocol Router Network. This is the Classified Enclave used worldwide and owned by the United States. The U.S. uses SIPRNet for managing its data on its defense and military systems.

NIPRNet (Compliance Framework DoD RMF)

  • NIPRNet stands for Non-classified Internet Protocol Router Network. This protects sensitive and non-classified information. NIPRNET is the preferred Internet protocol of defense and military systems.


NIPRNet Enclave
SIPRNet & NIPRNet cybersecurity network compliance

Defense Contractor Enclaves We Architect and Engineer

Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) Managed

eWAN enclaves for a DCSA RMF Compliance Framework

  • eWAN allows cleared contractors operating information systems distributed at multiple sites to work within a centrally managed system under a single authorization to operate. 

Isolated LANs (DCSA RMF)

  • A Local Area Network – a network in a classified space 


  • Peer to Peer network – a group of systems that share data amongst themselves

MUSA enclaves for a DCSA RMF Compliance Framework

  • Multi user stand-alone system (MUSA) – A classified machine that process information and has allows multiple users to access the same machine

SUSA enclaves for a DCSA RMF Compliance Framework

  • Similar to a MUSA, but only allows a single user to access a machine 

Corporate Networks (CMMC Compliance Framework

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cyber security network architecture compliance

Partners in Enclave, System & Network Build-outs

Simplify your path to a connected SIPRNet or NIPRNet by working with SecureStrux™. From the start of the process until you receive your ATC (Authority to Connect), our team of consultants will guide your team through the entire process. We also offer managed Network Operations Center (NOC) services.

How We Work

Projects – Architecture & Engineering to stand up new or upgrade existing systems. 

We will take your enclave, system, or network build-out from idea to authorized system through a series of scoped projects. Find out more about our project-based work.