Looking for CMMC Services or Need a C3PAO Assessor?

SecureStrux provides two different CMMC services to support your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of consulting services tailored to your cybersecurity needs based on our Assess–Secure–Defend methodology. From gap analysis to technical and administrative remediation to continuous monitoring and support, we have a versatile team of cybersecurity advisors, consultants, assessors, and engineers ready to support.

 If you have been working with an RPO and are ready for your Assessment, as an authorized C3PAO, we can currently provide a JSVA Assessment in conjunction with DIBCAC and will offer official CMMC assessments when the program formally launches.

Our Process

Begin your compliance journey with our CMMC services, connecting you to experienced experts holding CCP and CCA credentials. Our professionals have conducted a multitude of gap analyses, mock assessments, and continuous monitoring for valued DIB contractors.

Our CMMC experts take you through its Assess–Secure–Defend life cycle to:


Assess your CUI boundaries and conduct a gap analysis


Assist with technical and non-technical remediation efforts


Continuous monitoring of all CMMC practices to maintain compliance


Get started with CMMC
preparation and compliance

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CMMC Assessments With an Authorized C3PAO

As an Authorized C3PAO, SecureStrux enhances its CMMC services with an in-house team of certified CMMC assessors (CCA) for fair and objective assessments tailored to each organization’s unique circumstances. Having experienced the demanding certification process ourselves, we empathize with your journey. After achieving high praise from DIBCAC for our assessment, SecureStrux confidently offers CMMC Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments (JSVA).

If you feel that you are ready to book a Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment (JSVA) in the interim, then please contact us to conduct an initial readiness review and get you onto the assessment schedule.

CMMC services; C3PAO CMMC – SecureStrux is a certified C3PAO

An Authorized C3PAO

As an Authorized C3PAO, SecureStrux bolsters its CMMC services with certified in-house CMMC assessors, offering objective and tailored CMMC assessments. Having successfully undergone our own rigorous certification, we empathize with the challenges of the process. Praised by DIBCAC for our high-quality assessment, we’re ready to help you with CMMC assessments or Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessments (JSVA). Contact us for an initial review and to schedule your assessment.

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