Managed SOC Services


Protect Your Data and Stay Compliance

An expert and scalable Security Operations Center (SOC) function from SecureStrux™ can support compliance strategies for commercial, industrial and defense contractors and subcontractors. Learn about SecureStrux™ Managed Security Services.

Count On Targeted & Effective SOC Functionality

A major asset to meeting the demands of an ever-changing cybersecurity landscape is a Security Operations Center (SOC). You don’t have to field your own SOC, however. Trust SecureStrux™ to provide cloud and on-prem SOC functionality to your operations.

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

A Security Operations Center (SOC) provides a centralized compliance and security function for your organization. SOCs contain the people, technology, and processes needed to monitor your security and prevention infrastructure, provide risk analysis intelligence, and field responses to cybersecurity events. A SOC combines time, expertise, and insight over time to better your compliance and security standing.

SOCs don’t have to be an internal department in your organization, however. With SecureStrux™ managed SOC services (as part of our broader Managed Security Services), you can offload SOC functions to trained experts for 24/7 cyber protection and security.

Protect your data from malicious users with on-point intrusion detection systems, including event auditing, file monitoring, and detection alert systems.

24/7 SOC Capabilities

Cybersecurity threats don’t sleep, and neither do our always-on outsourced SOC capabilities. We’ll ensure that your system is under watch all day, every day.

New threats mean new vulnerabilities. Our management services will provide you with up-to-date control over new vulnerabilities that open due to evolving cybersecurity threats from upgrades in your systems.


Why Choose SecureStrux™?

SecureStrux™ is a Managed Security Service Provider that supports clients of all sizes, from enterprise businesses to SMBs in the Defense Industrial Network (DoD) or other commercial markets. With our MSSP offerings (including our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense Package), advanced off-site managed SOC capabilities and managed NOC services, we can support your CMMCRMF, and CCRI compliance strategies and overall cybersecurity infrastructure.

A managed Security Operations Center (SOC), or SOC as a Service (SOCaaS), is a service that takes what is traditionally an internal operation (a SOC) and outsources it, typically to a cloud provider who can monitor and manage your auditing and monitoring remotely.

There are a number of reasons to use an outsourced SOC:

»  You can leverage security expertise without having to train people on-premises.

»  You need a more efficient SOC operation and an internal service is too costly.

»  You want to work with a SOC that specializes in specific infrastructures, industries, or compliance frameworks.

SecureStrux™ is here to help by providing managed 24×7 SOC services.

Your organization will benefit from an outsourced SOC when that service can optimize your security posture and planning. A SOC should make you responsive and adaptable in the face of emerging changes, while also improving your overall cybersecurity posture. These services should come from dedicated providers (ideally MSSPs) that can give you expert support.

Comprehensive Managed Security Services from SecureStrux™

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