Enhance Visibility With Advanced Penetration Testing

Defense contractors and high-profile organizations face unique cybersecurity challenges. The stakes are higher, with the potential loss of intellectual property, compromised websites, ransomware, and sensitive data breaches posing significant threats. Understanding the gravity of these risks, our mission is clear: to enhance your defensive capabilities, mitigate risk exposure, bolster resilience, and safeguard the trust and integrity of your organization.

Our Comprehensive Approach

We don’t just identify vulnerabilities; we work with you to address them. Our collaborative approach ensures that remediation strategies align with your organizational goals, strengthening your security posture effectively.

Determine the viability of select attack vectors

Perform testing without disrupting your productivity

Identify common high-risk vulnerabilities through targeting and sequencing lower-risk vulnerabilities that, when combined, escalate into significant security risks

Prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation based on likely business impact

Thoroughly inspect applications and operating systems for critical misconfigurations

Identify vulnerabilities that are difficult or detected with vulnerability scanning

Assess the business impact of successful attacks

Provide quantifiable support for increased investments in security personnel and technology

Improve compliance posture, e.g., RMF & CUI – which requires both annual and ongoing penetration testing


A Suite of Advanced Penetration Testing Options

For most organizations, advanced penetration testing is often the only way to be sure if a system is as robust as its methodologies claim. Our experts can highlight the weaknesses that exist in current deployments and provide a full plan of attack for resolving issues and maintaining security.

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Other Complimentary Advanced Penetration Testing Services

Establishing a Strong Vulnerability Scanning and Management Program

A thorough Vulnerability Scanning and Management program is crucial for safeguarding your cyber defenses. At SecureStrux, we excel in deploying best-in-class solutions to evaluate your entire network, uncovering application, system, and network vulnerabilities. Our seasoned professionals are experts at configuring vulnerability scanning systems for both small and enterprise environments. We not only analyze the results but also specialize in remediating challenging vulnerabilities. Our commitment is to provide assurance and visibility to leadership, ensuring that the entire environment undergoes thorough scanning, leaving no stone unturned or IP address unscanned.

Physical Penetration Testing

Physical advanced penetration testing measures your physical security posture and the controls that are in place that would minimize access to your organization’s building and most critical assets. Using proven standards, methodologies, and physical security practices, SecureStrux identifies physical security gaps that need to be addressed to protect your physical environment.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Securing your wireless environment is crucial to having a robust, defense in-depth approach to network security, and our Wireless advanced penetration testing service is instrumental in achieving this. At SecureStrux, we employ a range of software and wireless detection equipment to thoroughly evaluate the security of your networks. Our expertise extends to remediation efforts for enhancing the resilience of your organization’s wireless LAN infrastructure, wireless endpoints, and addressing potential threats posed by rogue access points and devices.

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