Experts in Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity risks are real. But instead of reacting to them, we help you proactively manage them. We know what you need isn’t just protection; it’s guidance.

Comprehensive Cybersecurity & Compliance Support Firm

As a firm with extensive DoD expertise, we provide specialized services in the areas
of compliance, vulnerability management, cybersecurity strategies, and engineering.

Build and deploy your system to
be secure, compliant and reliable.

“ We got an Excellent on our CCRI and a Superior on our DSS SVA! Thanks to the SecureStrux team members. We wouldn’t have been successful without them. ”

GDLS Customer


We provide cybersecurity compliance service beyond a score

Our team of cybersecurity compliance experts partner with you to make your organization more secure, resilient, and prepared.

Cybersecurity Support Packages

Streamline your ongoing compliance needs with our Embedded Defense and Assured Defense packages.

Need extra resources or expertise? We can find the right team members—with the right qualifications—to support your organization, full-time or part-time.

Simplify your compliance needs and protect your organization’s critical infrastructure with a project or assessment to get your organization’s cyber hygiene improved.

Serving Clients in a Range of Industries

Our deep knowledge of defense allows us to translate best practices to our defense contractor, commercial, manufacturing, and air & space clients.

Our Cyber Insight Improves Your Business

Our team has a deep knowledge of cyber defense and compliance. And while our credentials and expertise speak volumes, our primary focus is translating our knowledge into exceptional value for your team.