Thad Wellin

Lead Cybersecurity Analyst & CMMC Lead


Thad’s persistent thirst for knowledge in the cyber field has taught him that multi-million-dollar commercial breaches are often caused by passive attitudes and could have been prevented by basic protocol. “Never believe that it can’t happen to you. Everyone is vulnerable,” he says.

His hobby to analyze after-action reports for major breaches provides him with a more thorough understanding of forensics and helps him identify vulnerabilities and mitigate risks for his clients. “I love solving problems,” says Thad. With SecureStrux, he helps organizations to understand Tier I, II, III users and protections, and works with them to meet NIST guidelines for performing on government contracts.

After a decades-long military career with the US Air Force including supporting Joint and Combined Special Operations and coordinating global exercises across units and technology platforms, Thad took his experience to the private sector to help connect the dots between the executive office, IT, physical security, supply chain, human resources, and front-line personnel to ensure all facets of the operation are involved.

“Security should not be addressed in a vacuum. Business continuity plans need to be multi-disciplinary and require input from all stakeholders,” he says.

Thad shares his expertise with the next generation of cyber professionals as an adjunct professor, mentor, and as a speaker at relevant industry events. He says, “It’s important to support their interests to learn more and evolve, and provide a path for longevity.”

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