Thad Wellin

Director of Consulting and GRC

  • CMMC Registered Practitioner

Thad is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and CMMC Registered Practitioner. He received his Master of Science in Information Security and Assurance from Norwich University in 2018. As the Director of Consulting and GRC with SecureStrux, Thad connects the dots between the executive office, IT, physical security, supply chain, human resources, and front-line personnel to ensure all facets of operation. He also stays active in his field and inspires the next generation of cyber professionals as an adjunct professor, mentor, and speaker at industry events. He believes that it’s important to provide a path for longevity by supporting the interests of newcomers and established professionals as they evolve. 

Before joining SecureStrux, Thad had a decades-long military career with the US Air Force, including supporting Joint and Combined Special Operations and coordinating global exercises across units and technology platforms.

In his spare time, Thad is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys playing golf.

“Security should not be addressed in a vacuum. Organizations’ continuity plans need to be multi-disciplinary and require input from all stakeholders,”

Thad Wellin

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