Melinda Shea

Since its founding, Melinda has provided executive-level financial and managerial support to SecureStrux, enabling the company to hone its operations over time to emerge as one of the most attractive woman-owned small business cybersecurity firms in the marketplace today.

In addition to financial management and payroll support, Melinda is responsible for helping to ensure a family-first corporate culture for SecureStrux operations. Lending her expertise as an executive advisor to maintain a competitive employee benefits program, Melinda also provides operational oversight to include company events and corporate recognitions.

After competing in collegiate field hockey and studying at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA, Melinda focused her attention to help grow SecureStrux alongside her fledgling family.

As a Partner of SecureStrux, Melinda represents the company’s commitment to a people-first business model that successfully recruits a diverse rank of technical and administrative personnel to deliver cutting edge cyber solutions.