Josh Loveless

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

  • CCIE
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Josh is a 26-year veteran of the IT/Cybersecurity industry, having worked with some of the largest private businesses and government agencies in the world. He helped pioneer the first national IP multicast satellite network and has helped improve the lives and security of everyday Americans while improving the ability of the United States armed forces to conduct operations overseas.  He has also worked with America’s intelligence community and systems integrators to expand the technological capabilities of each agency to better prepare for short- and long-term threats.

Josh has co-authored two text books:

  • IP Multicast, Volume I: Cisco IP Multicast Networking
  • IP Multicast, Volume II: Advanced Multicast Concepts and Large-Scale Multicast Design

He also has two Cisco CCIE certifications in Routing & Switching and Service Provider. 

Josh has been a thought leader in his roles and has led large teams. Josh has helped deliver filtered, secure Internet services to government agencies, colleges, universities, libraries and students. By partnering with some of the largest services, software, and hardware providers in the business Josh has developed a worldwide network of relationships to help develop new creative solutions to the problems facing the modern inter-connected world.   

Josh first started working on networks and secure systems in 1998 in the Philippines while engaged in humanitarian work.  He loves to give back to his community and is interested in helping to expand the American Dream to include all who seek success. 

Josh currently lives with his wife and children in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex.

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