Systems & Networks​

Systems Architecture & Engineering

Empower your organization’s compliance and cybersecurity infrastructure with our comprehensive Cybersecurity Systems & Network Engineering services. RMFCMMCCCRI, and more. Fully realize data protection and compliance with SecureStrux’s five-phase Systems Architecture and Engineering service. By prioritizing and implementing security solutions according to industry and vendor best practices in Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) and Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) system design and architecture, data systems are protected. Automation increases efficiency and visibility by streamlining tedious security processes while reducing the incidence of operator error. All SIPR infrastructure projects are designed, architected, and built in accordance with DoD requirements.

SecureStrux’s End-to-End Cybersecurity Solution

Assess – Secure – Defend

Instead of treating cybersecurity as a point-in-time project, SecureStrux offers End-to-End solutions to effectively address weaknesses across our client’s cyber infrastructure. Our holistic approach results in a secure environment that transcends static compliance requirements. The result provides our clients with an effective, well-rounded, and resilient cybersecurity strategy – especially those that are unsure where to start. For clients who have a cybersecurity strategy in place and need support only in specific areas of practice, contact our business development team for a technical discussion.

Systems & Network Engineering Services

Design & Buildout

SecureStrux Design and Buildout services create networks to industry regulatory compliance requirements that protect data systems by prioritizing security in system design and architecture. No matter the industry regulatory compliance requirements, we implement security solutions according to industry and vendor best practices. By automating tedious security processes to increase efficiency and visibility, your organization reaps the benefits of reduced cost and increased confidence. If you are planning to design, architect, and build SIPR infrastructure in accordance with DoD requirements SecureStrux has decades of experience and understands your organization’s overall and specific security requirements.

System Remediation

SecureStrux System Remediation service identifies, prioritizes, and mitigates system flaws or weaknesses and misconfigurations (deviations from industry standards and best practice) to get your organization in compliance for small, midsize, and enterprise-level businesses with organization-wide cybersecurity and compliance management needs. To keep you in compliance we also continuously monitor infrastructure for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, adding an extra layer of security to your data protection and compliance network.

Endpoint Security

SecureStrux Endpoint Security implements solutions that offer preventative protection for known intrusion points, discovering gaps and reducing the chances of any unauthorized device and network access. This helps reduce the impact of security incidents using solutions that detect, remediate, and alert on malicious events. SecureStrux secures on-prem and remote endpoints using industry-standard tools that are configured according to best practices. Leveraging decades of high-level experience we implement, integrate, and support Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions like Azure Endpoint Manager, JAMF, and others.

Cloud Security Assessments

SecureStrux Cloud Security service identifies misconfigurations within the organization’s infrastructure, those areas that deviate from industry standards. Though regulations and compliance rules are the same, your organization is unique, we prioritize remediation based on vulnerability context and threat landscape integral to your particular needs. IT infrastructure is often large and complex, leading to overlooked flaws and weaknesses. Our assessments are performed using custom automation, resulting in accurate and efficient engagements and increased overall confidence.

Partners in Cybersecurity Compliance

We understand the challenges you face and can provide guidance, advice, and hands on assistance that keeps your organization prepared for whatever comes next.