Cybersecurity Support Services

Cybersecurity Support Services offer ongoing protection by managing the overarching deployment of systems, processes, and professionals to achieve protection from cyber threats and attacks. SecureStrux team represents decades of focused experience and provides full-time and fractional IT and cybersecurity professionals to augment your team or fully outsource your IT and security functions. We use various methods and approaches to measure security and time to potential compromise and offer services managing end-to-end cybersecurity controls and regulatory compliance requirements. We offer a wide range of technical support using advanced and best-of-breed applications, methods, and toolsets that have been adopted and proven to protect across industries. Our training keeps your organization up-to-date and aware of potential threats.

SecureStrux’s End-to-End Cybersecurity Solution

Assess – Secure – Defend

Instead of treating cybersecurity as a point-in-time project, SecureStrux offers End-to-End solutions to effectively address weaknesses across our client’s cyber infrastructure. Our holistic approach results in a secure environment that transcends static compliance requirements. The result provides our clients with an effective, well-rounded, and resilient cybersecurity strategy – especially those that are unsure where to start. For clients who have a cybersecurity strategy in place and need support only in specific areas of practice, contact our business development team for a technical discussion.

Support Services Offered

SecureStrux Design and Buildout services create networks to industry regulatory compliance requirements that protect data systems by prioritizing security in system design and architecture. No matter the industry regulatory compliance requirements, we implement security solutions according to industry and vendor best practices. By automating tedious security processes to increase efficiency and visibility, your organization reaps the benefits of reduced cost and increased confidence. If you are planning to design, architect, and build SIPR infrastructure in accordance with DoD requirements SecureStrux has decades of experience and understands your organization’s overall and specific security requirements.

Vulnerability Management services proactively identify and fix potential weaknesses in an organization’s network security. Our goal is to apply these fixes before an attacker uses them to cause a cybersecurity breach. We offer an effective vulnerability management program that builds trust, elevates business performance, and provides confidence to accelerate business velocity. We focus on the process of identifying, evaluating, and adjudicating security vulnerabilities to prioritize possible threats and minimize the attack surface with a Patch-Scan-Patch-Scan approach and cadence to vulnerability management assuring continuous monitoring and mitigation practices.

Embedded Defense services can place a highly skilled professional exactly where you need them. We have the ability to provide SMEs with task-specific knowledge in any SecureStrux capability area: RMF, CUI, CCRICMMC, Security/Cyber Training, Network and System Engineering (ESSACAS, Splunk Physical, Network, DNS/AD, SharePoint, VoIP, Exchange, Database, Web, Linux, Cross-domain Solutions, Physical Security), Pentesting and Security Services. SecureStrux provides fractional IT and cybersecurity personnel with specialized skills at a specific timeframe

Minimize the need for hiring and management of full-time specialized skilled personnel when the job requires fractional resources. Get immediate access to specialized IT and highly trained cybersecurity resources to support advanced enterprise services or project solutions. Our End-to-End solution provides a safety net to organizations, augmenting their staff and providing support to the environment providing continuity when there is staff turnover. We become a part of the team.

Partners in Cybersecurity Compliance

We understand the challenges you face and can provide guidance, advice, and hands on assistance that keeps your organization prepared for whatever comes next.