SIPRNet: A Brief Introduction to the Secret Router Network

Modified on: April 29, 2023

Modern military and defense threats call for data and intelligence, and both need to be readily communicable and available to U.S. interests around the world. Fortunately, we already have a model for an information network that fits this need: the Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet is public and unsecured and unfit for the demands of military intelligence.

Secure and Managed SIPRNet Enclaves from SecureStrux

SIPRNet implementation isn’t a simple process. Installing, configuring, and managing SIPRNet connectivity calls for an expert understanding of security and compliance regulations across multiple documents and agencies as well as continuing education on how those regulations evolve over time. That’s not including the regular monitoring required to help with necessary practices like risk assessment, configuration upgrades, employee training, and interoperability with other systems.

We understand the requirements to obtain and maintain SIPRNet enclave connectivity while ensuring long-term, sustainable security. Our team members are DISA-trained Team Leads and Reviewers. Incorporating this additional CCRI experience and knowledge into all our activities provides unparalleled value to our engagements and outcomes. This unique blend of knowledge enables us to engineer SIPRNet solutions that meet various Department of Defense (DoD) requirements from day one, reduce the costs of having additional technical reviews following enclave completion, and ensure you receive your SIPRNet Authorization to Operate (ATO) and Approval to Connect (ATC).

Simplify your path to a connected SIPRNet by working with SecureStrux. From the start of the process until you receive your circuit approval, our team of experienced SIPRNet consultants will guide your team through the entire process. Contact us today to learn more about or managed SIPRNet Enclave support services.

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