A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution

SecureStrux is a cybersecurity firm for the Defense and Critical Infrastructure Industry. Established in 2013 with deep roots in the DoD cybersecurity community, we’ve defended hundreds of defense contractors, multinational corporations, higher education, and governmental agencies against cybersecurity threats. This focused experience allows us to provide practical and actionable advice that solves complex problems specific to the defense sector and aligned industries.

We have leveraged this experience to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity framework founded on best practices. This End-to-End framework consists of three distinct phases: ASSESS, SECURE, and DEFEND.

SecureStrux’s End-to-End Cybersecurity Solution

Assess – Secure – Defend

Instead of treating cybersecurity as a point-in-time project, SecureStrux offers End-to-End solutions to effectively address weaknesses across our client’s cyber infrastructure. Our holistic approach results in a secure environment that transcends static compliance requirements. The result provides our clients with an effective, well-rounded, and resilient cybersecurity strategy – especially those that are unsure where to start. For clients who have a cybersecurity strategy in place and need support only in specific areas of practice, contact our business development team for a technical discussion.

Cybersecurity assessments are an important tool in determining the most effective cybersecurity strategy for your organization.



After cybersecurity assessment, we provide a roadmap to address vulnerabilities in your current environment.

System and Networks

Data Protection

After your environment is secure against threats identified in your cybersecurity audit, we create a plan to provide ongoing and proactive protection.


Managed Security

Partners in Cybersecurity Compliance

We understand the challenges you face and can provide guidance, advice, and hands on assistance that keeps your organization prepared for whatever comes next.