SecureStrux Sponsoring NCMS Wright Flyer Chapter Annual Security Conference

SecureStrux is proud to be a sponsor of the NCMS Wright Flyer Chapter Annual Security Conference to be held on November 3, 2016, for an annual security training seminar.  This year’s lineup of speakers include Mr. Gregory Carpenter from Pragmatik IO, Inc., Mr. Brian Kaveney and Mr. Tod Stephens from the law firm Armstrong Teasdale, and an agent from the FBIs Counterintelligence Division.

Mr. Carpenter is the author of “Reverse Deception: Organized Cyber Threat Counter-Exploitation” (McGraw Hill, 2012) and “Hacking Back: Offensive Cyber Counterintelligence”.  He can also be heard weekly hosting “Reverse Deception Radio” at

Mr. Brian Kaveney and Mr. Tod Stephens will present “Cleared Contractors’ Costly Legal Mistakes: Don’t Let It Be You”.

The FBI representative will present a Counterintelligence briefing.

NCMS is a non-profit, professional security society offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development at the local and national levels.  For over 50 years, NCMS has provided building blocks in the development of security professionals through in-depth training, mentoring, and certification, as well as offering industry a voice at the national security policy level.  No other professional association matches NCMS’ specific offerings or the return on investment for member benefits in the national security arena.

The NCMS Wright Flyer Chapter was started in October 2009.  There are currently 124 members made up of 26 major defense contractors and WPAFB Civilians.


About SecureStrux

SecureStrux, LLC is a woman-owned, small cybersecurity consulting firm which focuses on providing specialized services in the areas of compliance, vulnerability management, cybersecurity strategies and engineering solutions.  SecureStrux offers a comprehensive range of services that provides clients with proven methods and common-sense approaches to secure their data, build trust with their Clients, and remain compliant with DoD, Federal, and Industry standards.



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