Cybersecurity Compliance For Your Organization

SecureStrux offers a comprehensive lineup of cybersecurity compliance services. We help cultivate a culture within your organization enabling appropriate actions and reducing the risks of noncompliance while managing risk in a disciplined and repeatable manner. We conduct gap assessments, identifying deficiencies between your existing baseline environment and requirements. Your organization navigates across multiple compliance regulations and associated IT and cybersecurity frameworks in the federal and commercial sectors, SecureStrux knows how to use best practice cyber frameworks to cover all areas of technical, personnel, and policy to ensure a comprehensive view of compliance with industry standards.

SecureStrux’s End-to-End Cybersecurity Solution

Assess – Secure – Defend

Instead of treating cybersecurity as a point-in-time project, SecureStrux offers End-to-End solutions to effectively address weaknesses across our client’s cyber infrastructure. Our holistic approach results in a secure environment that transcends static compliance requirements. The result provides our clients with an effective, well-rounded, and resilient cybersecurity strategy – especially those that are unsure where to start. For clients who have a cybersecurity strategy in place and need support only in specific areas of practice, contact our business development team for a technical discussion.

Cybersecurity Compliance Services


SecureStrux Assessment Services identify and prioritize risks, map risks to applicable owners, and effectively allocate resources to mitigate risks. That allows organizations to understand where their current security measures have vulnerabilities and what part of an organization’s systems can be targeted by adversaries while understanding how to protect vulnerable information assets. Assessments educate your employees on what threats your business may face, where those threats may take place, and how those threats can potentially impact the business. Furthermore, they provide decision-makers a more informed view of the strength of their security posture and where improvements are required.

Advisory Services

SecureStrux Advisory Services offer a wide range of technical and cyber risk advisory services, from Architectural buildouts to system hardening. We aid organizations in cultivating a culture that enables appropriate action to reduce the risks of non-compliance. Understanding your risk, necessary compliance measures, and system requirements allow SecureStrux to conduct high-level assessments yielding the most reliable and actionable advisory services available.


SecureStrux’s deep roots in the DoD and greater cybersecurity community uniquely position them to assist in the development of a GRC foundation to unify and align your organization’s approach to risk and cybersecurity management and regulatory compliance that is disciplined and repeatable. We have experience protecting hundreds of defense contractors, subcontractors, multinational corporations, and governmental agencies against cybersecurity and physical threats to their infrastructure. SecureStrux provides advisory services to develop and sustain a strategy for governance,  risk, and compliance framework and management to ensure all legal and financial obligations are met.

Partners in Cybersecurity Compliance

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