PowerStrux is SecureStrux’s no-cost data collection tool, which leverages Microsoft Powershell’s programming language to access, parse, and report on the logs that are most important to you.

Automate manual, tedious system log collection for continuous monitoring, vulnerability assessment, fast suspicious and malicious activity identification, and report generation.

Save an estimated 1 hour per week per machine that you manage, and do it efficiently. For free.

Capture and Report Critical Network Security Events with PowerStrux for More Efficient Continuous Monitoring

PowerStrux allows your organization to track network security events by category:

  • User log-on and logoff dates and times
  • Data transfers
  • Print jobs
  • Failed login attempts
  • Account management events
  • Group membership tracking for Admins, Backup Operators, Auditors, and Power Users
  • User status and inactivity
  • Event log actions
  • Windows Defender signature updates, and scan dates and times
  • Privileged use events
  • System service status
  • System port information


I just wanted to say thanks for all of the tools you guys put out there for us to use. I loaded up PowerStrux on a few of our systems and it is really going to help with some of our auditing tasks.

  • James
  • ISSM

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What our clients had to say about PowerStrux

I downloaded, installed, and edited to personalize your script.  It works like a champ!  This, paired with the script that I wrote to save and clear the logs, will make our auditing on MUSA’s so much faster.

  • Mark
  • Director, Information Security

I just want to say thank you for being a great partner and asset to the Defense Industrial Base. You are helping out so many Cleared Defense Contractors with your technical and security expertise. Providing the Standalone System Auditor is a true gift from the heavens and I just want to say thank you once again.

  • Lucas
  • Director Security Operations