Powerstrux.dta (Formerly DataStrux)


Active Threat & Data Monitoring Tool

Identify insider threats and safeguard sensitive information with powerstrux.dta, a free insider threat security auditing solution that actively logs all data transferred to removable media.
Powerstrux.dta (formerly known as DataStrux & DT Auditor) was built for the DoD community and designed to help organizations attain and maintain compliance by reducing organizational risk from insider threats. With powerstrux.dta, you can eliminate the strain of manual tracking and receive alerts about user data quotas. We also provide information security continuous monitoring services.

Free Real-Time Visibility & Audit Trail Retention Tool

Powerstrux.dta allows you to detect the potential removal of unauthorized data, decreasing the risk of insider threats.

Powerstrux.dta actively logs details on files and file transfers, including:

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