In addition to our cybersecurity services, we build solutions that simplify your cybersecurity compliance needs and protect your organization’s sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Through our suite of PowerStrux cybersecurity monitoring tools, we provide tools that automate assessments, compliance scanning, standardize reporting, and improve your security posture.

Free Cybersecurity Monitoring Tools

Improve your continuous monitoring process and automatically assess vulnerability and suspicious activity with a tool that leverages Microsoft’s built-in programming language. PowerStrux™ Suite of Tools captures critical data and generates easy-to-understand reports that detail data transfers, user status, and event logs. Ask about PowerStrux.wa Pro, all the advantages of the free version, and more!

PowerStrux.dta logs all data transferred to removable media. Originally built for the DoD community, powerstrux.dta reduces the risk associated with insider threats and eliminates the strain of manual tracking with real-time reporting.