SecureStrux supports Chambersburg Schools

SecureStrux supports Chambersburg Schools with a contract awarded by NOVA Corporation. SecureStrux will be conducting penetration testing and Risk Assessment services […]

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SecureStrux Partners with Veris

SecureStrux Partners with Veris — SecureStrux announced a sub-contract award from Veris Group to support Joint Service Providers (JSP), formerly Washington […]

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Passing Grade for JT&E CCRI SAV

Passing Grade for JT&E CCRI SAV — SecureStrux recently concluded its services as the Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI) consultants for […]

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SecureStrux Supports USPACOM

SecureStrux Supports USPACOM — SecureStrux was awarded a contract with NOVA Corporation to provide Cybersecurity support services to USPACOM to […]

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