Meet Michael Ferree, Vice President of Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development, Michael is responsible for the development of new business, management of the sales cycle, and building strategic partnerships in order to drive the growth of the company. He oversees the full life cycle of SecureStrux business development for Commercial and Federal clients. His number one goal is building long last partnerships with all clients and teaming partners.

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Evaluating the Increasing Risk of Insider Threats

Unlawful disclosures of sensitive information have substantially impacted our corporate intellectual property (IP) and our national security. These breaches have required leadership to take a harder look at policies and oversight mechanisms for protecting corporate intellectual property (IP) and our nation’s most sensitive data. Employees and individuals with elevated privilege to access sensitive data present greater risk of intentionally, accidentally, or indirectly misusing that privilege by potentially stealing, deleting, or modifying data.

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Meet Mark Hapeman: Client Success Manager

As Client Success Manager for SecureStrux LLC, Mark interacts with existing and potential clients on a regular basis. As the title implies, he is responsible for maintaining the SecureStrux/client relationship.

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