An Interview with Michelle Maitland-SecureStrux Senior Lead Compliance Analyst

“Compliance is always a balance between minimizing risks and maximizing business operations,” says Michelle Maitland, SecureStrux’s Senior Lead Compliance Analyst. “But, it’s not always black and white.”

Michelle started in IT a little over 20 years ago. Before she joined the cyber field, there wasn’t much cybersecurity in the commercial realm, and so she got free range to do what she deemed necessary, including the freedom to attend conferences and other events where she could dive even further into learning about cybersecurity and how to adapt it to business needs. 

Michelle has also been involved with The Society of Industrial Security Professionals (NCMS) for the last seven years. Michelle recommends that any industrial security professionals join NCMS, especially if they’re particularly interested in commercial compliance.

For the month of March, SecureStrux is highlighting the wonderful women of cyber, and why it’s important for them to join the industry. Michelle, in response to this focus, told us that her journey as a woman in cyber/tech has been an uphill battle.

Studies have shown that women are attracted to the flexibility some jobs provide. Cybersecurity falls in this realm and although the number of women found in the cybersecurity field is definitely increasing, Michelle would love to see an even bigger increase in the coming years. “Diversity is so important,” Michelle says about needing more women in the industry. “My advice to women,” she says, “is to just go for it. Worry about what you want and work hard to make it happen.”

Michelle began working for SecureStrux because of its authenticity and she feels as though there are more women in cyber than ever before—and that their skillset and voices are finally being taken more seriously.

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Listen to Michelle discuss the new Risk Management Framework for government compliance on the CyberWire (starting at 5:50).


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