SecureStrux LLC & the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Risks

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In the past five years, cybersecurity has gained increasingly more attention as a major threat to the global economic engine and world stability as a whole. Cybersecurity breaches can cause detrimental effects to a company’s financial standing, threaten consumer confidence, and can ultimately level world financial markets.  Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum concluded that cyber-attacks are the third most likely global risk in 2018.

In the 2018 Global Risks Report, the Forum brings these imminent risks to the public eye as cyber-related threats have been ranked in the top five global risks for the first time since 2004. These threats are not only a matter of corporate concern, but also of national security since the “scale and sophistication of attacks is going to grow,” according to John Drzik—President of Marsh Global Risk and Digital.

In an effort to better prevent and respond to the ever-changing risks and increasing potential for mass interruptions on a global scale, the World Economic Forum has embarked on creating the Global Centre for Cybersecurity. The new public-private platform is intended to be a global center of excellence focused on cyber and dedicated to:

  • Strengthening cyber resilience and robustness
  • Establishing an independent cyber library of best practices
  • Acting as a think-tank, especially in determining future cybersecurity scenarios
  • Assisting regions which are less cyber developed in establishing their national/regional cyber strategy and certification in cyber preparedness
  • Providing educational opportunities to partners to enhance knowledge on cybersecurity
  • Consolidating and advancing the implementation of all existing Forum cybersecurity initiatives

“The implications of cyber threats have yet to be determined,” says Sienna Crawford—managing partner and senior cybersecurity expert of SecureStrux, LLC. “Our team has been securing networks and monitoring trends for decades, so we believe the Forum’s move to direct the conversation at the global level is reassuring with so many unknowns left to discover.”

To help meet current concerns and better prepare business and government leaders for future risks, the Forum has also issued a cyber-tool “Best Practices Guidebook” to help navigate the discussion in board rooms at all levels across the globe. “We couldn’t agree more that ‘cyber resilience is a leadership issue,’ and we’re in a great position to help decision-makers better protect their constituents every day,” says Crawford.

SecureStrux LLC works tirelessly each day to bring these imminent risks to light, working with our clients to find solutions. Contact us today!

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