Supporting USCYBERCOM’s Operational Mission

As a preferred subcontractor, SecureStrux provides services and associated tools needed to support USCYBERCOM and their mission to plan, coordinate, integrate, synchronize, and conduct activities to direct the operations and defense of specified Department of Defense Information Networks (DODIN) and, when directed, conduct full-spectrum military Cyberspace Operations.

Our team provides capabilities, knowledge, and expertise in the full range of technologies: Cyberspace Operations; joint operations planning, training, and exercises; and business areas needed to support USCYBERCOM’s operational mission.


USCYBERCOM is located at Fort George G. Meade, MD, and was established as a sub-unified command to US Strategic Command in June 2009.

USCYBERCOM is charged with unifying existing cyberspace resources; centralizing command of cyberspace operations; improving the DoD’s capabilities to ensure resilient, reliable information; and supporting the Armed Services’ ability to conduct confidently high-tempo, effective operations, as well as to protect command and control and cyberspace infrastructure supporting weapon systems platforms. 

USCYBERCOM accomplishes this through three lines of effort: protect and defend U.S. cyberspace interests, project power in and through cyberspace, and partner with interagency and partner nations.

USCYBERCOM conducts and synchronizes activities to secure, operate, and defend the DODIN; attain freedom of action in cyberspace while denying the same to adversaries; and, when directed, conduct full-spectrum cyberspace operations in order to deter and defeat strategic threats to U.S. interests and infrastructure, ensure DoD mission assurance, and achieve Joint Force Commander objectives.

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SecureStrux provides cybersecurity, cybersecurity compliance, enclave engineering and architecture support on the US Cybercom SAIC