The contract was established to provide best-value solutions customized for a diverse group of organizations and a wide range of C4ISR mission requirements throughout the world. RS3 has a $37.4 billion ceiling with a 10-year ordering period (five-year base ordering period and five-year optional ordering period).

RS3 replaces five expiring/expired contracts:

»  Warrior Enabling Broad Sensor (WEBS)

»  Technical Information Engineering Services (TIES)

»  Technical, Administrative, Operations Support Services (TAOSS)

»  Rapid Response-Third Generation (R2-3G)

»  Strategic Services Sourcing (S3)

RS3 primary service areas include, but are not limited to:

»  Engineering

»  Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E)

»  Logistics

»  Acquisition and Strategic Planning

»  Education and Training Services

Key Contract Benefits

»  Best-value solutions

»  On-ramping and off-ramping capabilities

»  No restrictive labor categories

»  Flexibility, contract type, and evaluation criteria determined by customer requirements

»  Extensive ordering period

»  Streamlined processes and procedures that meet full compliance with all acquisition regulations and requirements

»  Support for worldwide government C4ISR requirements

»  Low-administrative contract service rates to customers (program office processes

»  facilitate minimal support cost structure)

»  Pre-award through post-award support from RS3 program office

»  Quarterly prime contractor meetings to ensure all opportunities and concerns are discussed in an open forum

»  Periodic program management reviews

As the previous contract vehicles — such as the Rapid Response Third Generation (R2-3G) contract held by NCI — close and reach their legal spending level limit, RS3 expands the execution timeframe, revalidates capabilities and performance by vetting the community of contract companies, and resets size and socioeconomic designation demarcations.

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