The ITES-3S contract includes a full range of services and solutions necessary for the Army to satisfy its support of Army Enterprise infostructure and infrastructure goals with IT services throughout CONUS and OCONUS locations, including warzone areas. 

The scope includes the Command, Control Communications, Computers, and Information Management (C4IM) requirements as defined in Army Regulations 25-1 (AR-25-1). Additionally, ITES-3S includes the services and solutions necessary for the Army and other services to transition from current service-centric information environments to the enterprise Joint Information Environment (JIE) as directed by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Task Areas:

The IT services solutions are categorized in the following task areas: 

  • Cybersecurity Services
  • IT Services
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Enterprise Design
  • Integration and Consolidation
  • Network/Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • Telecommunications/Systems Operation and Maintenance
  • IT Supply Chain Management
  • IT Education & Training

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