Cybersecurity for Government Agencies

Government agencies have a duty to protect classified, personal, sensitive, and proprietary information. Adversaries and rogue actors are constantly on the lookout for vulnerabilities and can cause mass disruption within your organization if they are able to exploit a vulnerability.

Government agencies and our Military Service Branches need cybersecurity solutions that are robust enough to meet mission-critical goals and strong enough to meet the required cyber compliance measures.

Why Choose SecureStrux?

SecureStrux’s™ client base includes the Army, Air Force, Navy, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Joint Service Provider (JSP) Pentagon, Washington Headquarter Services (WHS), along with well over 100 Defense Industrial Based Contractors

SecureStrux™ has a seasoned team with decades of experience in navigating the nuances of each agency’s cybersecurity and compliance requirements.

Our team also has some of the foremost certifications in the industry. Our cybersecurity skillset can give you the confidence you need, and get you on the path to a more robust cyber stance.

Connect with our Government Contracts Team

SecureStrux provides cybersecurity, cybersecurity compliance, enclave engineering and architecture support to federal, state, and local agencies.