Cybersecurity Risk Assessments & Projects

If you need insight into your environment before embarking on a larger initiative or have a clearly-defined project, we can help.

Our team conducts cybersecurity assessments and audits to identify potential vulnerabilities and create a plan for initiatives that impact large areas of infrastructure, including CMMC. In addition, many of our RMF services are project-based and include partnering with organizations as they attain their Authority to Operate (ATO).

Evaluate Your Cyber Risk

Our team regularly conducts cybersecurity, information security audits, and CMMC assessments to equip organizations with the information they need to make informed decisions. These evaluations begin by reviewing physical processes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and existing documentation. Following this, our team will conduct interviews with key stakeholders within your organization to obtain a complete picture of your cyber risk and develop a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be accomplished to get your ATO, CMMC accreditation, or attain your desired CCRI score.

Cybersecurity Assessments & Audits

CMMC Gap Analysis

CMMC Gap Analyses begin with a week of on-site or remote security evaluations that follow DFARS and NIST standards.

CCRI Staff Assisted Visits

We were very active in shaping and writing some of the original CCRI requirements and have performed inspections on behalf of DISA and USCYBERCOM for years. Our CCRI SAV provides a mock CCRI, along with on-site or virtual inspection support. Through this process, we help you create a plan to get to your desired score.


RMF Scope Assessments

If you’ve already started your RMF project or had your package rejected by your ISSP, we can assess the status of your package, and provide a scope to complete it. We have a 100% success rate of getting our clients an ATO.


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Cybersecurity Assessments & Audits

RMF Projects

We’ll work with you through the six-step RMF process to proactively manage your data security and risk management.

CCRI After-Action Projects

After your CCRI SAV or Inspection, we can help you with after-action support. We can help you with ESSACAS, network architecture, 802.1x, PKI two factor authentication, Active Directory, documentation, or other engineering and architecture items.

SIPRNet & NIPRNet Project

We can take you through our five project phases to get your SIPRNet or NIPRNet from initial idea to completion with your Authority to Connect (ATC) in place.


CMMC Projects
Need IT and compliance support to reach your desired CMMC level? We can put a project plan together that will help you attain your CMMC goals.

Engineering & Architecture Projects


Whether you need support with vulnerability assessmentsvulnerability management engineeringpenetration testing, system hardening, or other cybersecurity engineering and architectural items, we can create a project scoped to help you accomplish your initiatives.


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A Track Record of Results

We’ve partnered with clients who are within and outside of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to improve their security posture.