We know there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution or a single tool that solves your cybersecurity, engineering, or compliance challenges. That is why we build comprehensive solutions that address your unique needs, even as they evolve.  

When we build cybersecurity solutions for clients, we are focused on making sure they meet what is required while also being as budget and resource-conscious as possible. We are both thorough and rigorous, making sure anything we implement is as successful as possible.

Cybersecurity & Compliance Services Designed for Your Business

We have a broad range of ways to deliver expertise and knowledge to your organization. From on-site engagements that involve working shoulder to shoulder with your team to completely remote assignments, we can create a customized plan to meet your business objectives and requirements.

Assessments & Projects

If you have a clearly-defined scope or want more insight on your environment, we can partner with you to create the right path to success.

Embedded Defense

Tackle a large project, or get the support you need across a number of different compliance frameworks with a tailored package that provides access to senior members of our team each month.

Assured Defense

Streamline your ongoing CMMC compliance and MSSP needs with a tailored support package that meets your organizational goals and requirements. 

Staff Reinforcement

We can hire and place seasoned personnel in your organization to meet short- or long-term requirements. 


You may have a sizable team, but need guidance on the best way to execute your cybersecurity initiatives. We provide both on-site and virtual training that delivers knowledge when you need it most.