Wireless Assessments

Wireless Vulnerability Assessments

Tablet On TableNew networks demand wireless access points to support the wide range of vendors, devices and connection needs. It is becoming exceedingly uncommon for any operation to rely solely on wired infrastructure, and many deployments are becoming wireless-dominant.

The downside of this is that wireless networks often present many more security risks and breach opportunities because of the nature of their simpler access and broader availability. Wireless signals can be sniffed with off-the-shelf hardware and accessed even at a distance, so large areas such as parking lots could be your biggest vulnerability. For this reason, wireless vulnerability tests & assessments are becoming increasingly important to maintaining as ecure network.

To help organizations address these concerns, SecureStrux offers a vulnerability assessment program that looks under every nook and cranny. From firewall and router concerns to unpatched devices and improper port management, your wireless network will have a complete assessment to protect from known and unknown threats.

How Wireless Vulnerability Assessments Work

SecureStrux offers a comprehensive wireless vulnerability assessment to review your entire environment. The review begins with a look at access points and wireless networking device configurations to find more common gaps in wireless deployments.

Our review process also includes an in-depth review of your physical networking environment and equipment to determine how it is protected from your wireless network and if proper information and access management controls are in place.

Robust wireless vulnerability assessments look at both your wired and physical network to protect your core systems from unauthorized access in the event that your wireless deployment is compromised.

Configuration and design reviews of your wireless network are designed to map out your deployment and make sure that it matches proper DoD requirements, as well as industry best practices.

After the full wireless vulnerability assessment, we provide full documentation of problems that were identified and recommendations for how to address these concerns. Suggestions include a detailed process for mitigating weaknesses in a quick and efficient manner and resolving gaps through affordable environmental changes.

Wireless Penetration Tests

SecureStrux validates wireless security setups and detects network vulnerabilities through a series of penetration tests designed to overwhelm poor security deployments. We begin with tools testing to perform design reviews and configuration validation, but thorough testing often requires a direct attempt to compromise your wireless network security.

Through coordinated and planned attacks on your network, we’re able to determine weak points and provide a comprehensive assessment of the attack, your response and a series of options to address any gaps.

We deploy a variety of wireless penetration tests and attack techniques that include encryption cracking, spoofing, man-in-the-middle and rogue access point attacks. By running a variety of attempts, we are able to recreate scenarios your network is likely to face, and harden it where necessary.