Network Vulnerability Security Assessment

Network Vulnerability Security

Network Vulnerability Assessment

Network security management is significantly more difficult today than in years past, but the right network security services can help to manage your network more effectively and cost-efficiently.

As threats to your network continue to evolve at an accelerating pace, your network defenses and security strategies must adapt as well. Network vulnerability tests and assessments are becoming more and more essential in maintaining a secure information system. The task of securing networks is increasingly challenging as new compliance mandates are added to the mix. Staying on top of all the potential risks to network security and the network security products that can mitigate these threats requires more resources and expertise than most in-house network teams can manage.

That’s where SecureStrux can help. We provide a wide range of network security services and solutions to help you understand new technology, decide which products and improvements are right for your environment, and identify the real threats to your network and organization.

Our network security services include:

  • Cyber Readiness assessment to determine your defense-in-depth security posture
  • Technology assessment to evaluate technology decisions to ensure they meet security best practices and capabilities
  • Access Control List (ACLS) Reviews to ensure that least privilege access concepts are put into practice.
  • Architecture review to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your network and security environment, and to ensure it aligns with your business goals and supports your requirements
  • Wireless site survey to design access point placement to ensure that a WLAN performs well for the applications and devices using it
  • Network mapping to develop accurate device inventories and network diagrams, providing your team with greater visibility into the complete network
  • Managed security services that serve as an extension of your security staff
  • Training services to equip your staff with just-in-time learning