Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability assessments identify security weaknesses in networks, systems, and applications. Vulnerabilities can stem from an unpatched application or operating system, a small misconfiguration in a firewall or router, or unknowingly providing excessive access to a system or a portion of a network.

Attackers are aware of vulnerabilities and are always looking for easy targets that can be exploited. The impact can be tremendously large and damaging.

It can be difficult to defend against an attack if you are unaware of vulnerabilities already present in your system. New vulnerabilities are discovered in applications and operating systems every day, and can be unintentionally created anytime the system is altered. An aggressive patching policy in conjunction with regular vulnerability assessments can drastically reduce the risk that your system, network, or application will fall victim to an attack.

Frequent system vulnerability assessments are a requirement for most compliance standards (NIST, FedRAMP, CCRI, HIPAA, PCI, SOC, etc.). Our team of experts is experienced with policy & procedure development for vulnerability assessments and is ready to assist you. For more information, please complete our contact form or give us a call at 703-682-6885.

External Network Vulnerability Assessment

An external network vulnerability assessment can identify how a potential attacker can cause a threat to your system from the outside of your network. Our team can assess the safety of the entirety of your outward presence, including your perimeter devices, servers, applications, and encryption technology. Anything that is accessible from the Internet, we will assess for potential vulnerabilities. Our external vulnerability assessments include both a documentation of findings and recommendations on how to remediate or mitigate these vulnerabilities effectively and efficiently. Testing for external vulnerabilities is essential to maintaining a secure information system.

Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

While strong external security is paramount, savvy attackers have found ways to circumvent the firewall and other border protection devices. They often do so through client-side attacks, such as enticing users to click a link, open an infected document, and/or leading them to the attacker’s malicious website. Organizations must develop strong layers of internal security to prevent these attacks.

Our internal network vulnerability assessment is based on DoD Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) and industry best practices and which takes into account a wide range of network issues and identifies weaknesses that need correction, including misconfigurations and policy non-compliance vulnerabilities that a patch management system alone cannot address. It provides a comprehensive picture of all systems, services and devices that can breach a network as well as a complete, prioritized list of vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Remediation is the follow-up stage after vulnerabilities have been accurately identified. The two work hand-in-hand and form a complementary process.

With internal network vulnerability tests, our security analysts assess your entire network infrastructure for vulnerabilities. Typically, this assessment will include examining everything, from servers, desktops, and group policy, to the configuration of networking devices and firewalls. Just like our external assessments, our internal assessment includes both a documentation of findings and recommendations on how to remediate and mitigate these vulnerabilities effectively and efficiently.

Secure Your Networks & Be Prepared For Inspections

Ensuring that your network is secured against internal and external vulnerabilities is essential to operations in any industry. Also, being prepared for network and infrastructure inspections is essential to operating as a trusted organization in both commercial and federal environments.

At SecureStrux, our team understands the ins and outs of vulnerability assessments. We are experts on both the similarities and differences between CCRI and SAV inspection methods. SecureStrux is prepared to assist your organization in securing networks, protecting against vulnerabilities, and preparing for and passing CCRI and SAV inspections.