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Physical Security Threat Assessment & Risk Analysis

Physical Security - SecureStrux

SecureStrux consultants are highly trained subject matter experts in all areas of physical security design and implementation. Our staff are minimally certified with industry leading certifications and have a demonstrated knowledge in threat assessment and risk analysis, integrated physical security systems, and the appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures. In addition to certifications in both industry and the Department of Defense (DoD), our staff have experience managing and working with law enforcement, Force Protection and armed Security Guard services across the globe. We specialize in assisting US cleared contractors, DoD Agency and Services with Department of Defense demonstrable knowledge and experience in:

  • Threat assessment and risk analysis to critical assets
  • Design consulting and evaluation of integrated physical security systems & measures
  • Information Security and proper classification markings
  • The appropriate identification, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of security measures
  • Personnel Security Consulting
  • Physical Security Consulting
  • Industrial Security Consulting
  • Security System Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Program and Mission Assurance
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting, & Execution
  • Physical Security Standards, Concepts, Planning and Implementation
  • Physical Security Standards for Sensitive Conventional Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives
  • Countermeasures to risks identified in risk assessment
  • SCIF Security Requirements and Design
  • Physical Safeguards to IT assets
  • Physical Security for Network Infrastructure & Systems

Experience with Security Operations Across the Globe

SecureStrux has experience traveling and reviewing Industry and DoD Agencies across the globe, reviewing physical security programs for compliance while making cost effective recommendations commensurate with applicable guidance. Understanding the complexity of reducing cost while increasing compliance is one of the capabilities SecureStrux brings to our customers. SecureStrux Physical security specialists have over a decade of Physical Security experience with managing and conducting security operations and inspections within industry and the DoD.

Experts Ready on Call to Help Your Organization

Being able to reach out to experienced professionals who have past performance working at military and cleared contractor facilities around the world is an invaluable service that SecureStrux offers our customers.  We offer dedicated support to answer any security questions you have or to assist your program as you need it. We review Standard Operating Procedures, DD 254s, JPAS records, COOP documentation, Incident Response Plans and Risk Assessments at every facility we inspect, giving our consultants invaluable amounts hands on experience.  Partnering with SecureStrux gives your staff this expert guidance at the fraction the cost of hiring on a full time equally qualified security team, allowing you to concentrate on managing your program, not figuring out how to implement.

Our Team of Physical Security Compliance Experts

We believe that an effective security program revolves around well documented guidance and an educated staff. Creating standard operating procedures and corporate policies to meet security compliance requirements can be time consuming and confusing for new and experienced professionals alike. SecureStrux has taken the time to develop templates for most security requirements you will need to be successful, saving us and you the time of having to develop them. Allowing you to spend time on more pressing concerns with your program. Let us help you address the difficult task of interpreting government regulations. Some parts of your program we can help you develop:

  • OPSEC Training / Procedures
  • STIG Compliance and configuration
  • RMF assistance
  • Secure room configuration
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Classified Destruction procedures
  • Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Risk Assessments
  • Site Security Plans

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