Penetration Testing

Understand your vulnerabilities and learn how to eliminate them with a penetration test. 

  • Have you been wondering what exactly would happen if your company was targeted by a determined attacker doing their best to break into your network?
  • When’s the last time you probed your organization’s entire online IP space, from the applications to the operating system to the wireless network?
  • Isn’t it time you found out for certain where the vulnerabilities in your organization lie so you can then create a plan to effectively deal with them?

SecureStrux Penetration Testing professional services have conveniently packaged a sequence of periodic (and scheduled) pen tests into an annual automated penetration testing subscription.

Understanding and addressing network and host vulnerabilities are an essential element to strong information security. However, that alone is still insufficient. Network penetration testing goes beyond the actual discovery of vulnerabilities, and into the work of actively exploiting vulnerabilities with real-world attack techniques to see if your IT assets, data, humans, and/or physical security can be compromised.

Regardless of the strength and sophistication of your defense-in-depth strategy, a clever enough human mind, with strong motivation and determination can, and will find a way in.

SecureStrux can impose a skilled and experienced team of testers against your network defenses to:

  • Determine the viability of select attack vectors
  • Perform testing without disrupting your productivity
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation based on likely business impact
  • Comb through your applications and operating systems to find costly misconfigurations
  • Identify high-risk vulnerabilities hidden amongst a well-sequenced attack against a set of lower-risk vulnerabilities
  • Identify vulnerabilities that are difficult or impossible to detect with vulnerability scanning
  • Assess the business impact of successful attacks
  • Provide quantifiable support for increased investments in security personnel and technology
  • Improve compliance posture, e.g., DoD RMF & CUI – which requires both annual and ongoing penetration testing

At SecureStrux we appreciate the security risks (and the related regulatory challenges) that face the Department of Defense (DoD) and our nation’s governmental agencies. That’s why we have built a specialized practice focused on helping Federal agencies effectively manage risk and remain in compliance with relevant regulatory mandates in relation to their applications.

As a trusted provider of security solutions to the Federal sector, SecureStrux provides cybersecurity support for mission-critical systems. SecureStrux combines leading-edge technical expertise with proven methodologies and program management to help agencies navigate the constantly changing cyber threat landscape.

SecureStrux provides cyber guidance, recommendations, and operational support to customers in the DoD, Intelligence Community (IC), Cleared Defense Contractor, and civilian agencies. We help clients successfully navigate and fulfill the DoD Application STIGs and SRGs, regulations, and mandates with the following services:

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF) Program Support
  • Security Assessment and Authorization Services
  • Information Security Continuous Monitoring
  • Security Assessments, Evaluation, and Testing
  • Application Security Assessment and Engineering Services
  • Security Policy and Procedure Evaluation and Development

Over the years, we have helped a variety of DoD and commercial clients “bake” security in upfront allowing for them to get an Authority to Operate quickly and work with them throughout the entire process to ensure that their systems and applications remain secure, compliant so that when an ATO needs to be reaccredited there is no interruption to service or contracts.

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