Staff Reinforcement

Staff Reinforcement

Weaknesses in cybersecurity can jeopardize your business, threaten your profitability, and invite unwelcome intruders into your organization, resulting in heavy fines and penalties from regulatory bodies, or worse, complete loss of business.  To prevent the intruders, fines, and loss of business, SecureStrux blends strategy and technology to address your most complex, high-priority challenges, ensuring your business operates smoothly and with confidence.

More than a vendor of technical capabilities, we partner with your internal staff to ensure you have the total view of your security posture and IT risk management strategy.  We provide expert, third-party advice based on your industry’s best practices and decades of combined cybersecurity experience in protecting high-profile organizations around the world.  Whether assessing risk, investigating vulnerabilities, testing for external and internal threats, or engineering a hardened IT security environment, SecureStrux delivers the capabilities you need for security and sustainable compliance.

Our Team of Expert Cybersecurity Consultants

The SecureStrux cybersecurity team consists of highly talented, certified, seasoned cybersecurity experts, developers, and engineers.  Most of our senior team leaders have been working individually in the cybersecurity space for over 15 years.  All of our cybersecurity analysts hold security clearances, allowing us to work in virtually any environment, and average at least 10 years of experience in:

  • Automating and implementing security solutions
  • Developing, evaluating and executing cybersecurity policy
  • Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments
  • Securing and optimizing our nation’s most critical and private IT systems

Most importantly, as a SecureStrux customer, we are fully committed to you as your partner in cybersecurity.  We are personally engaged with your project from initiation through completion, and dedicate ourselves to your needs when you retain our services on an ongoing basis.  Throughout every consulting project, SecureStrux shares its best practices and corporate knowledge.  In doing this, we transfer our expertise to our clients, providing you with the ability to unquestionably monitor, manage, and improve your risk posture on an ongoing basis.

Services & Support We Offer

Our support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Application and systems hardening
  • Developing policies/plans/processes/procedures documentation
  • SIPRNet engineering and assessments
  • End-Point security and Host Based Security Solutions (HBSS) engineering
  • End-to-end vulnerability management development and maintenance
  • Physical security assessments
  • NIST 800-53 control assessment, Risk Management Framework (RMF) cybersecurity and compliance accreditations
  • Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRIs) Staff Assist Visits (SAVs)
  • Both Physical and Technical Penetration testing
  • Insider Threat automation and assessments
  • End-user cybersecurity training
  • Ongoing cybersecurity advisory services

Our cybersecurity teams work to understand, prioritize, and manage your cybersecurity concerns to meet your mission and business goals.  If you are not completely confident in your cybersecurity posture or your ability to manage IT risk, please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.