Cyber Consultant

Cyber Consultant

Our Cybersecurity Team consists of a wide array of highly-skilled security analysts and engineers with security clearances and advanced cyber certifications to provide both access and competence. We are available for teaming efforts for both short-term and long-term efforts. Our highly trained professionals and certified cybersecurity consultants are ready to assist you

Our Team of Certified Cyber Consultants

SecureStrux believes strong training and industry certifications are essential because the cybersecurity industry continuously shifts: as vulnerabilities are patched, others are discovered. Our engineers maintain certifications established by the DoD 8140 and 8570 requirements. In addition to senior level technical certifications. SecureStrux provides its employees an internal training stipend to assist in maintaining their skill and industry certifications ensuring that each of our consultants has the ability to provide the highest quality and service to our clients. This training combined with government and defense technology experience prepares our consultants to assist you. SecureStrux is only as good as the people we employ. We believe that if they are well trained, you will be well served.

Let SecureStrux Be Your Cyber Consultant!

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