Cybersecurity and cybersecurity compliance have often been sold as either staff augmentation and/or project work. A team or individual subject matter experts working within your organization to help you implement policies, tools, and equipment to meet a wide range of cybersecurity requirements. These requirements often include Command Cyber Readiness Inspection (CCRI), Authority to Operate (ATO) Certification, or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and CMMC audit, and NIST Standards. Cybersecurity support and compliance usually require a concerted effort between a variety of internal and external teams. This additional effort can impact resourcing schedules and delay other vital initiatives.

With the Cyber-as-a-Service suite of services, we take the breadth of our skills and knowledge and package them into three convenient structures to support your organization continuously.

Cybersecurity Support Plans (CSP)

Our CSP plan is for mid-market and enterprise organizations, looking to bring in point Subject Matter Experts that will assist your team. These plans provide your organization with access to our entire team’s expertise consistently via onsite support in week-long efforts. These ongoing efforts are structured in effort levels of one to four weeks per month as an annual engagement. We will work with you to get the expert you need, that is most relevant to your initiatives. These experts will support your team on-site as you engage in these initiatives. These engagements cover any area of our expertise including policy writing, POA&M items, and eMass support.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Support Plans

Managed Security Support Provider (MSSP)

The MSSP is designed for small and mid-market organizations looking to hand off the ongoing management for RMF, CUI, CMMC, and corporate security infrastructure. We will drive the monthly work for your organization to improve your cyber stance and compliance. Our MSSP service supports your CUI, CMMC & RMF efforts with:

  • POA&M Execution
  • Writing Policy
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • eMass Updates
  • Maintaining your CMMC accreditation
  • Vulnerability Scanning and Management
  • Infrastructure IT Support

Learn more about our Managed Security Support Provider Plans.

Remote Cybersecurity Support Plans

The RCSP is designed for businesses that need technical support from time to time. Our remote cybersecurity support plans provide your organization with access to our entire team’s expertise via email support requests. We will work with your team to answer questions and provide additional knowledge to solve those highly technical and complex security questions. Additionally, our offering has tiered service levels that can include the option to come on-site for semi-annual, or annual site visits to support or train your team.

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