Penetration Testing

Complete Cloud Service Provider Testing From SecureStrux

As with the expansion of wireless networking, cloud systems and service providers are making their way into more secure environments. This requires a much more intensive set of cloud service provider tests to ensure that no new platform puts an existing network at risk.

As a service provider, you are responsible for how information moves through your service, access points, privacy controls and much more.

If you are working with a cloud service provider for the deployment of your network and assets, you will need to be sure that potential vulnerabilities and risks are being addressed and if possible, mitigated. You are paying for protection so it is only right that you are getting what you pay for.

SecureStrux offers a portfolio of cloud service provider tests and cloud penetration testing to protect your operations.

Cloud Service Provider Tests

Building and maintaining cloud hosting architecture, as well as the services you provide, takes a significant investment in cloud technology. All of your server hardware plus client-side software presents multiple avenues that can be exploited if they are not properly governed.

You need to secure your cloud service on every front, and that means a variety of protections and protocols, which only become more complex as you move into different industries and environments.

SecureStrux specializes in helping companies achieve compliance with some of today’s most robust industry certifications, as well as meet requirements set up by a variety of Federal agencies.

Network architecture and data, especially in Federal realms, can create a significant safeguarding concern due to the sophistication of attacks and intrusions they must withstand, as well as the documentation process required for building, maintaining and testing your cloud service.

SecureStrux aids with multiple companies looking to achieve FedRAMP and FISMA compliance in a variety of frameworks and deployments. Our experienced engineers and developers can provide you with a security framework and implementation process that will help your cloud stay protected while scaling with the demands of your Clients.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cloud penetration tests are often the only way to be 100% sure a system is as robust as its methodologies claim. SecureStrux offers a suite of cloud penetration test options to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that patches are providing the protection you require.

Our experts can highlight the weaknesses that exist in current deployments and provide a full plan of attack for resolving issues and maintaining security, with multiple avenues for cloud PenTests to prepare for multiple intrusion attempts and harden your security where needed.

Ask us today for a complete cloud vulnerability assessment to review your services, your servers and the applications you use. It’s time to remove any gaps that could be putting you at risk right now.