Insider Threat Detection and Deterrence

Detecting and deterring insider threats keeps your network safe by preventing the loss of information and by identifying potential threats before hostile action is taken. You can secure your data and limit liability by removing easy paths of fraud or manipulation.

Insider threat detection requires a new way of thinking and acting because traditional IT security efforts do not address this risk. You must deter insider threats by more than just securing your firewall and watching for attempted intrusions originating outside of your network.  There is a need for aggressive internal monitoring of all digital activities and broad assessments of gaps where privileged users can take advantage of their access and have more need-to-know access than they are required. Diligent monitoring along with robust processes and procedures are required to detect and deter such activities and minimize the risk.


Helping You with Insider Threat Defense

Understanding vulnerabilities to insider threats can be difficult for organizations making their first investments into security measures.  Even organizations with long-established security systems may have vulnerabilities that go unnoticed.  SecureStrux can help you establish a security framework that will enable your organization to grow its operations without the worry of insider threat damages.

SecureStrux offers components required by any successful insider threat defense.  We offer a complete Insider Threat Assessment based on a variety of DISA Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs), Operational Orders (OPORDS), and industry best practices.   We examine your existing organization and network for weaknesses and exploitable points in personnel, account management, physical security, and technical controls such as Data Loss Protection (DLP), two-factor authentication, and logging controls of your staff. SecureStrux is even on the cutting edge of mitigating insider threats through security automation.

Our efforts look across your internal environment to identify weak points and areas of easy penetration with an eye toward the access that an insider would have.  Insider threat defense assessments look for areas where permissions are not properly applied and applications that are not secure that someone with privileged access should not be accessing.  We analyze these areas and provide a full remediation plan afterward for our clients to make an informed decision and develop insider threat solutions.


CCRI and Insider Threat Defense

Phase IV Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRIs) is in full effect, and that requires your networks to provide a wide range of protections.  This includes methods to detect and deter insider threats such as identifying unauthorized wireless devices, employing digital signature practices, and limiting access to critical infrastructure.  We can also verify the authorized use of USB devices when copying to and from removable media, such as DVDs/CDs.  And, we can determine and track user thresholds and investigate instances of a user exceeding the established threshold.

SecureStrux will complete an Insider Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis using a proven framework for managing insider threat risks while meeting both DoD requirements and commercial best practices.