Endpoint Security (HBSS)

Endpoint Security From SecureStrux


New OPORD 16-0080 for Endpoint Security was effective January 9, 2017. Is your network updated to meet the new OPORD?


SecureStrux Endpoint Security Team has helped our clients achieve fully compliant CCRI Endpoint Security Scores on both the previous and new OPORDs.

A company’s most valuable commodity is its data. With the rising cost of protecting its assets and the shrinking costs of resources for threat defense, a company can struggle to protect its services, data or reputation if theft or loss occurs. Any network that holds sensitive or proprietary information is a target. Both research and our experience with government and commercial customers has revealed the volume and complexity of these threats are growing rapidly.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security is the official branding of the Department of Defense’s commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) software applications that they use to monitor, detect, and defend their IT assets and systems. HBSS was developed by McAfee using the ePO management engine.

Endpoint Security contains multiple point products designed to meet known intrusion points, discover gaps, and reduce the likelihood of unauthorized device and network access. Leading point products include:

  • Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
  • Asset Publishing Service (APS)
  • Asset Configuration Compliance Module (ACCM)
  • Device Control Module (DCM)/Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Policy Auditor (PA)
  • Rogue System Detection (RSD)
  • VirusScan Enterprise (VSE)

Protecting Your Network

At the heart of Endpoint Security is a data monitoring and analytics capability that provides administrators and teams access to real-time asset status and reports, plus centralized configuration and management tools that enable your team to react quickly.

The Endpoint Security suite of products is designed to actively protect your network assets from theft, manipulation or loss from internal or external threats. The centrally-managed server allows staff to deploy, update, configure, and manage the suite of products remotely and discreetly across your network.

SecureStrux Endpoint Security Expertise

Endpoint Security support is a core requirement for any DoD agency and its partners. This powerful tool and its components can be complex and costly to manage, but its ability to significantly reduce risk and protect core assets is instrumental in safeguarding network assets.

SecureStrux works side-by-side with a variety of agencies and vendors who utilize Endpoint Security and its many components. We design our efforts to identify risks that Endpoint Security can mitigate or detect, and help you determine the best implementation policies and plans to maintain the delicate balance of a maintaining a secure network while maximizing daily business operations.

Together, we can build a strategy that optimizes your assets, budget, and personnel to employ Endpoint Security in a way that gives you today’s leading cyber threat protections on your most prolific devices.

Utilizing the full suite of Endpoint Security point products allows our clients, government, and commercial, to meet the latest CCRI requirements in every criteria element. The Endpoint Security dashboards, queries, and reports available provide a constant flow of data to improve asset management and visibility, allowing you to manage specific assets across your network and improving compliance monitoring and remediation capabilities.

Together with SecureStrux, you can create a plan today to pass any upcoming CCRI with a smart, sophisticated approach.