Vulnerability Scanning (ACAS)

Vulnerability Scanning Compliance Support

Increase Your CCRI Score

The difference between receiving a partial vs a fully compliant ACAS score during a CCRI can make quite the difference in your overall CCRI grade. Let us help you maximize your score.

Increase Your Vulnerability Visibility

We can configure and verify your ACAS solution is setup according to CCRI requirements. We create custom CCRI queries, dashboard, and reports to help you gain insight into your most critical assets, reduce overall vulnerabilities per host, and help your organization remain sustainably secure.

Understanding your network’s architecture and knowing what applications and devices are permitted on your network is critical to the success of any vulnerability management program.  However, implementing an effective vulnerability management program can be a monumental task depending on the size, scope, and architectural complexity.  That is where SecureStrux’s seasoned Vulnerability Scanning Team comes in.  We have experience scanning and gaining access to a myriad of clients on various network sizes, both internally and externally. Our scanning provides full visibility to not only meet CCRI compliancy requirements but, equally as necessary, ensure your critical assets remain secure.

Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS)

The ACAS solution is required for all networks that connect to the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) (i.e., NIPRNet or SIPRNet) and is mandated for DoD use by various US Cyber Command orders, including USCYBERCOM TASKORD 17-0019, Scanning and Remediation. The intent is to improve the capability of DoD to quickly and accurately assess the security posture of DoD enterprise networks.

Implementing the ACAS Suite

The ACAS solution automates network discovery and uses the products to deliver comprehensive network and application vulnerability scanning and configuration assessment. The main suite of tools required by the DoD is Tenable’s SecurityCenter and Nessus scanner(s).

Nessus Scanners actively scan a network and gather the resultant data. SecurityCenter is the brains of the ACAS console that combines vulnerability data from the Nessus scanners to evaluate the overall risk level of a network. In addition to combining Nessus scanner results, fully utilizing SecurityCenter’s dashboard and report suite can provide compliance support to various levels of leadership.

Get Your ACAS Assistance

Understanding and supporting ACAS is essential not only for meeting a variety of DoD and USCYBERCOM configuration requirements but also helps standardize the various vulnerability management programs that exist within the DoD.

SecureStrux has worked with a wide range of clients all over the world, to get them compliant and inspection-ready. Our ACAS and Tenable certified experts have a proven record in helping DoD contractors and agencies properly implement ACAS to meet DoD requirements. We enable our clients to maintain operational readiness to achieve Fully Compliant CCRI scores for vulnerability scanning. Secure your assets and reach the readiness you need by partnering with us today.

CCRI and SAV inspections don’t have to be a stressful time. In working with the right partner, you’ll be able to demonstrate proper network protection and governance to maintain contracts and grow your operations.