“We could have worked on just this for 6-8 months and would not have understood the process and not have done this good of a job!”


The SecureStrux Subject Matter Experts who provided on-site support for the CCRI SAV were extremely knowledgeable and provided the necessary resources and information for each area of the inspection. They were prompt at answering questions even after they performed their assessments, through the inspection, and thereafter.

Metron Scientific Solutions  
January 2017

JSP CCRI Team, You all have been a beacon of security awareness throughout your time supporting all the various Pentagon Headquarter organizations. Our security posture has significantly improved due to all your efforts. You have raised awareness, provided technical assistance, and been a driving force for improved security throughout JSP and all supported organizations.

Darrell Potter
Chief, End Point Security (JP231)
Joint Service Provider (JSP)  
March 2017

SecureStrux made several trips to our site and provided services such as initial and refresher training on STIG compliance, ACAS vulnerability scanning, Network configuration, policies and procedures, and traditional security.

SecureStrux was scheduled on-site multiple times, usually in one-week visits, and was always able to keep with the schedule provided. We developed a schedule pre-visit and when needing specialized training, the vendor was able to send the appropriate specialist to best help us with those specific issues.

Most of our questions / requests were able to be answered immediately. Any questions that were not immediately known were researched during down times and relayed back to the team in a timely manner.

SecureStrux achieved what we were striving to gain from their experience, which was to get our team trained on the issues mentioned previously, and leave us with a working knowledge of day-to-day operations for 100% compliance on all assets. The on-site assistance staff always completed a final trip report for each visit, stating all work / training that was completed, along with a current compliance status of the system.

We continue to have a working relationship with SecureStrux, and will most likely have them dispatched in the future for pre-CCRI well-checks.

I would have no hesitation in recommending SecureStrux.

Federally Funded Research and Development Centers  
November 2016

Michelle, Thanks again for your teams help, CNA never would have achieved the IATO without your team.

Center for Naval Analysis  
February 2017

Jeff, I appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail and great job that you and your team have performed in the past two weeks under the leadership of Shane. He is a great leader and I respect him enormously.

Joint Support Pentagon (JSP) Communication Services (CS)-ETM Operations  
January 2016

Mac, I don’t remember if I thanked you for this or not, but this was a great help when I was updating the HBSS documents.

DoDIN Readiness & Security Inspection Team Lead, CCRI Branch (RS31)
January 2016

Jeff, Thank you very much for the superb support you provided during the recent Defense Information Systems Agency SAV. The teamwork and selfless professionalism you displayed were instrumental in synchronizing efforts across all of our deputy directorates and divisions resulting in a passing inspection. Your dedication and expertise were critical to the Joint Staff being able to understand and make on-the-spot corrections which ultimately improved our network posture tremendously. Your efforts ensured the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff remained connected to the network with minimal down time

Again, I sincerely thank you and your entire team for a job extremely well done!

CIO, Joint Staff, J6  
July 2015

CAPE would like to thank you and the CAV team for working with us to conduct the scans and going the extra mile to help educate us on the most expeditious way to maintain VMS. A special thanks goes out to Roy Mac Kincaid who came by and spent some time with our administrators in our training room. Now that we better understand the process our scores should continue to improve.

Office of the Secretary of Defense, Cost Assessment & Program Evaluation  
March 2015

SecureStrux was an integral part of our team during our system validation process. The process was on track from start to finish with minimal adjustments for meeting requirements, which resulted in cost-effectiveness and maintenance of schedule.

Kestrel Technology Group