Vulnerability Assessments

Conducting vulnerability assessments to identify security weaknesses within networks, systems, and applications is an essential aspect of managing cyber hygiene.

Vulnerabilities emerge from various sources and are often the result of unpatched software, system misconfiguration, and/or implementation errors in access controls. Failing to fill these security holes could result in the compromise of your data, which could be devastating to your organization.

Researchers and adversaries are constantly discovering new vulnerabilities within application and operating system code, and failure to identify these vulnerabilities can make it challenging to defend against potential cyber-attacks. Regular vulnerability scans, in conjunction with a vetted patch management program, can drastically reduce an organization’s threat landscape and attack surface.

Security controls and practices, such as those defined within NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171, require regular vulnerability assessments. Our team of experts understand these requirements and can assist in architecting your vulnerability assessment solution according to industry-standard and DCSA best practices.


An external security vulnerability assessment (SVA) provides an attacker’s perspective as it pertains to the external security of your organization.

Our team possesses the ability to assess the external security posture of your outward-facing presence, to include perimeter devices and applications. External assessments include documentation of our findings and recommended fix actions to assist in the effective and efficient remediation of identified vulnerabilities. Testing for external vulnerabilities is essential to maintaining a secure information system.


While effective external security is paramount, attackers often find ways to circumvent boundary protections.

This is frequently accomplished via client-side attacks, such as enticing an end user to click a malicious link (phishing) and leading them to an attacker’s website. Organizations must develop security layers in support of a defense-in-depth approach.

Internal network vulnerability assessments are based on the Department of Defense (DoD), DCSA, and industry best practices, which account for a wide range of methods that can be used to identify weaknesses that require correction. Our internal security vulnerability assessment (SVA) provides a comprehensive picture of an organization’s attack surface, to include a prioritized list of vulnerabilities that require immediate attention. 

To ensure the comprehensiveness of your vulnerability management program, our analysts verify that your entire infrastructure is being assessed, eliminating the risk of blind spots. As with our external assessments, internal assessments include documentation of findings and recommendations on remedial and mitigation efforts.

Secure Your Networks & Be Prepared For Inspections

Being prepared for network inspections is essential to operate as a trusted organization in the commercial and federal space. At SecureStrux, our team understands the ins and outs of vulnerability assessments. SecureStrux will help your organization secure networks, protect against vulnerabilities, and prepare for and pass compliance inspections.

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How we work


Need some quick help with an initial scan or software configuration? Let us provide one of our SMEs to your team to get you set up and improving your cyber stance.

Embedded Defense Cyber Package

Our SMEs set up and configure tools like ACAS ESS for ongoing vulnerability assessments with our embedded defense cyber package. We can also perform vulnerability assessments as part of our continued support of your organization.

Assured Defense

Our Assured Defense Cyber Package can include weekly, monthly, and quarterly vulnerability scans for your organization.