Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) Vulnerability Scanning

The Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) is the mandated enterprise vulnerability scanning capability for networks and components that are owned or operated by the Department of Defense (DoD).

These networks and components fall within the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) (i.e., NIPRNet or SIPRNet). This requirement is directed by USCYBERCOM TASKORD 20-0020, with the intent of improving the DoD’s ability to quickly and accurately assess their security posture.


Increase Your CCRI Score

Implementing a program that is not fully compliant with TASKORD 20-0020 requirements will result in a substantial impact to your overall CCRI grade. Let us help you maximize your score.

Improve Your Visibility to Vulnerabilities

Our team of cybersecurity consultants will configure and verify your ACAS setup according to related requirements. We will create custom CCRI-relevant queries, dashboards, and reports to help you gain insight into your most critical assets, reduce overall vulnerabilities per host, and help your organization remain secure and compliant.

Implementing ACAS

The ACAS solution delivers comprehensive network and application vulnerability scanning and configuration assessment. TASKORD 20-0020 mandates the use of (formally SecurityCenter), Nessus Vulnerability Scanner, Nessus Agents, and Nessus Network Monitor.

Nessus technologies scan targeted networks and endpoints to gather resulting data. is the centralized management solution that consolidates data obtained by Nessus products to facilitate the evaluation of overall risk. In addition to consolidating results, fully utilizing’s ability to analyze data with customized dashboards and reports can provide compliance summaries to various levels of leadership.

Getting ACAS Assistance

Simply understanding and implementing the ACAS suite of tools does not equate to compliance with related DoD and USCYBERCOM requirements.

Your CCRI SAV inspections don’t have to be stressful. When working with the right partner, you will be able to demonstrate proper network protection and governance to maintain contracts and grow your operations.

Our team has a long past performance track record with a wide range of clients worldwide. We get our clients compliant and CCRI ready. Our ACAS and Tenable certified experts have a proven record in helping DoD contractorsresearch and development organizations, and federal agencies implement ACAS. We enable our clients to maintain operational readiness. Secure your assets and reach the readiness you need by partnering with us today.

ACAS Implementation & Configuration

Short-Term ACAS Consulting

If you are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of your SIPRNet or NIPRNet enclave, one of our experts can consult with you on the configuration of ACAS scans to return the information you need and save you time.

Ongoing ACAS Support

When building or maintaining the SIPRNet or NIPRNet for your organization, start by engaging with the SecureStrux team for ongoing ACAS support through our Embedded Defense Cyber Package.

ACAS Training for your Staff

We provide on-site and virtual ACAS training for your team. This training is customized to your team and your environment. Visit our training page for more information.

Partners in ACAS Implementation & Configuration

Enhance your cyber stance with a completely implemented and configured ACAS suite. We make the path to passing your CCRI as smooth and seamless as possible. We work with you from the very beginning until you receive a passing grade.