The SecureStrux SIPRNet Project Plan

The standard SecureStrux approach for SIPRNet services is a five-phase approach (see the process below). The SecureStrux Team Lead will provide project management of the project scope for all phases with high-level insight into the SIPRNet enclave project requirements at project initiation. SecureStrux will meet with all appropriate site personnel and senior leadership to introduce team members, obtain proper logical and physical access, and verify any technical details needed for installing and configuring the enclave. Our SIPRNet support efforts will provide and satisfy the requirements for: 

  • End-user secure baseline images with baseline applications and all applicable patches, updates, and drivers pre-installed
  • Offline media with backup configurations of all equipment
  • Documentation, policy, and procedures required to receive an Authorization to Operate (ATO), Approval to Test (ATT), Authorization to Connect (ATC) as per the applicable DoD Office
  • Configuration of equipment and software following applicable federal, DCSA processes, and DISA STIGs to receive node certification and accreditation/ authorization
  • Training to applicable personnel on the operations, maintenance, and configuration of all infrastructure and workstation equipment