Remote Access Management


Support Secure Remote Workers and Stay Compliant

Maintain security and compliance for remote network and device access with SecureStrux managed Remote Access Management. 

Get Compliant Remote Access

Partner with SecureStrux to configure and manage VPN and remote access controls for your entire system.  

What is Remote Access Management?

Remote access control provides organizations with secure and seamless ways to allow employees connect to workplace resources wherever they are. Robust RAM can give you the flexibility and resilience that you need, but it requires specific security configurations to maintain compliance, especially for frameworks like CMMC. 

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Maintaining Compliance with Remote Access Control

Remote access is part of a complete, modern security package. A complete managed security service should include compliant remote access management controls for any organization to facilitate secure work from authorized devices. This can include managed VPN and Remote Desktop Services.


Why Choose SecureStrux?

As a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), SecureStrux supports clients with complete compliance and cybersecurity services. With our Assured Defense and Embedded Defense packages, as well as managed services like Identity Access Management, Systems Engineering and compliance auditing, we can help you meet or exceed requirements from compliance frameworks like CMMCRMF, and CCRI.  

Security and Access with Managed Security Services

Remote Access services work when authentication, access management and compliance standards are maintained throughout. SecureStrux is a Managed Security Services Provider that includes compliant remote access tools, curated security software and engineering services to integrate remote access into your existing operations and workflow.